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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ruleset name="RSS-Bridge Ruleset">
Originally created with the PHP Coding Standard Generator.
But later manually tweaked.
<rule ref="PSR12">
<exclude name="PSR1.Classes.ClassDeclaration.MissingNamespace"/>
<exclude name="PSR1.Classes.ClassDeclaration.MultipleClasses"/>
<exclude name="PSR1.Files.SideEffects.FoundWithSymbols"/>
<exclude name="PSR2.Files.EndFileNewline"/>
<exclude name="PSR12.Properties.ConstantVisibility.NotFound"/>
<rule ref="Generic.Arrays.DisallowLongArraySyntax" />
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.FunctionOpeningBraceSpace" />
<rule ref="Generic.Files.LineLength">
<property name="lineLimit" value="180"/>
<property name="absoluteLineLimit" value="180"/>
<property name="ignoreComments" value="true"/>
<!-- Duplicate class names are not allowed -->
<rule ref="Generic.Classes.DuplicateClassName"/>
<!-- Unconditional if-statements are not allowed -->
<rule ref="Generic.CodeAnalysis.UnconditionalIfStatement"/>
<!-- Do not use final statements inside final classes -->
<rule ref="Generic.CodeAnalysis.UnnecessaryFinalModifier"/>
<!-- Do not override methods to call their parent -->
<rule ref="Generic.CodeAnalysis.UselessOverridingMethod"/>
<!-- Do not allow UTF-8 byte-order mark -->
<rule ref="Generic.Files.ByteOrderMark"/>
<!-- Make sure the concatenation operator has spaces around it -->
<rule ref="Squiz.Strings.ConcatenationSpacing">
<property name="spacing" value="1"/>
<property name="ignoreNewlines" value="true"/>
<!-- When calling a function: -->
<!-- Do not add a space before the opening parenthesis -->
<!-- Do not add a space after the opening parenthesis -->
<!-- Do not add a space before the closing parenthesis -->
<!-- Do not add a space before a comma -->
<!-- Add a space after a comma -->
<rule ref="Generic.Functions.FunctionCallArgumentSpacing"/>
<!-- Use UPPERCARE for constants -->
<rule ref="Generic.NamingConventions.UpperCaseConstantName"/>
<!-- Use lowercase for 'true', 'false' and 'null' -->
<rule ref="Generic.PHP.LowerCaseConstant"/>
<!-- Use a single string instead of concating -->
<rule ref="Generic.Strings.UnnecessaryStringConcat"/>
<!-- Do not add spaces when casting -->
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.CastSpacing"/>
<!-- Operators must have a space around them -->
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.OperatorSpacing"/>
<!-- Do not add a whitespace before a semicolon -->
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.SemicolonSpacing"/>
<!-- Do not add whitespace at start or end of a file or end of a line -->
<rule ref="Squiz.WhiteSpace.SuperfluousWhitespace">
This fixes an issue in combination with PSR2
<property name="ignoreBlankLines" value="false"/>
<!-- Whenever possible use single quote strings -->
<rule ref="Squiz.Strings.DoubleQuoteUsage">
<exclude name="Squiz.Strings.DoubleQuoteUsage.ContainsVar" />