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# Documentation for possible options in this file is at
title = "Synapse"
authors = ["The Foundation C.I.C."]
language = "en"
multilingual = false
# The directory that documentation files are stored in
src = "docs"
# Prevent markdown pages from being automatically generated when they're
# linked to in
create-missing = false
# The URL visitors will be directed to when they try to edit a page
edit-url-template = "{path}"
# Remove the numbers that appear before each item in the sidebar, as they can
# get quite messy as we nest deeper
no-section-label = true
# The source code URL of the repository
git-repository-url = ""
# The path that the docs are hosted on
site-url = "/synapse/"
# Additional HTML, JS, CSS that's injected into each page of the book.
# More information available in docs/website_files/
additional-css = [
additional-js = ["docs/website_files/table-of-contents.js"]
theme = "docs/website_files/theme"