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reivilibre 75ca0a6168
Annotate `log_function` decorator (#10943)
11 hours ago
.gitignore Correct attrs package name in requirements (#3492) 3 years ago
10943.misc Annotate `log_function` decorator (#10943) 11 hours ago
10969.bugfix Delete messages from `device_inbox` table when deleting device (#10969) 12 hours ago
11126.feature Implement an `on_new_event` callback (#11126) 2 days ago
11187.feature Include the stable identifier for MSC3288. (#11187) 13 hours ago
11191.bugfix Fixed config parse bug in review_recent_signups (#11191) 11 hours ago
11194.misc Refactor `Filter` to handle fields according to data being filtered. (#11194) 12 hours ago