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{ "translations": {
"Saved" : "Sarvadu",
"Error" : "Errore",
"Breeze Dark" : "Breeze Dark",
"Breeze Dark theme for Nextcloud, based on the theme by KDE" : "Tema Breeze Dark pro Nextcloud, basadu subra de su tema de KDE",
"A Dark theme based on Breeze Dark by the KDE project. Please refresh the page for changes to take effect." : "Tema iscuru basadu subra de Breeze Dark dae su progetu KDE. Atualiza sa pàgina pro chi is modìficas tèngiant efetu.",
"Custom Styling" : "Istile personalizadu",
"Insert custom styling here …" : "Inserta s'istile personalizadu inoghe...",
"Save" : "Sarva",
"A Breeze Dark theme for Nextcloud." : "Tema Breeze Dark pro Nextcloud.",
"Breeze Dark theme" : "Tema Breeze Dark",
"Enable Breeze Dark theme" : "Ativa su tema Breeze Dark"
},"pluralForm" :"nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);"