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{ "translations": {
"Saved" : "已儲存",
"Error" : "錯誤",
"Breeze Dark" : "Breeze Dark",
"Breeze Dark theme for Nextcloud, based on the theme by KDE" : "以 KDE 佈景主題為基礎,供 Nextcloud 使用的 Breeze Dark 佈景主題",
"# Breeze Dark\nThis is a breeze dark theme for Nextcloud, based on the Breeze Dark theme made by the KDE Project.\n\n## Usage\n\nAfter you install the theme, you need to enable it. There are two options for this, a global and a personal one.\n\n### Global\n\nWith the global options you can enforce the use of the theme for all users as well as unauthenticated visits. Please note that when the theme is enforced for all users it isn't possible for them to disable the theme or choose a different theme.\n\nThere is also an option to let the theme be enabled / disabled based on the theming preferences reported by browser. When the theme is deactivated using this method, Nextcloud will revert to using the default light theme. This setting only sets the default for when the theme is globally enforced and can be overridden by the user.\n\nYou can also choose whether the login page should be themed. Though this only has an effect if the theme is enforced globally, or during the login phase of a user that has the theme enabled.\n\nYou can find the global options here:\n\n```\nSettings > Administration > Theming > Breeze Dark\n```\n\n### Personal\n\nThe personal option allows each user to enable / disable the theme unless it's being enforced by the global options. They can though choose whether the theme should follow the theming choice reported by the browser. This option is also available when the theme is being enforced globally. If the user hasn't set a preference they will follow the global default. You can find the personal option here:\n\n```\nSettings > Personal > Appearance and accessibility > Breeze Dark\n```\n\n### Custom styling\n\nUnder the Theming section in the admin settings you can add your own custom styling to the theme. Only standard CSS can be used. This custom styling will be applied whenever the theme is enabled and only affects the Breeze Dark theme." : "# Breeze Dark\n這是 Nextcloud 的 Breeze Dark 佈景主題,以 KDE 專案的 Breeze Dark 佈景主題為基礎製作。\n\n## 使用方式\n\n在您安裝佈景主題後您必須啟用它。有兩種選擇全域與個人。\n\n### 全域\n\n使用全域選項您可以強制為所有使用者與未登入的使用者使用此佈景主題。請注意當強制所有使用者使用此佈景主題時他們就無法停用或選擇其他佈景主題。\n\n也有一個選項可以根據瀏覽器回報的佈景主題偏好設定啟用或停用此佈景主題。當佈景主題因為此方式停用時Nextcloud 會退回使用預設的淺色佈景主題。此設定僅設定全域預設值,並可由使用者覆寫。\n\n您也可以選擇登入頁面是否要使用佈景主題。雖然此設定僅在強制使用全域主題時生效或是在啟用了佈景主題的使用者的工作階段有效。\n\n您可以在此找到全域選項\n\n```\n設定 > 管理 > 佈景主題 > Breeze Dark\n```\n\n### 個人\n\n個人選項讓每個使用者可以啟用或停用佈景主題除非管理員強制啟用全域選項。他們可以選擇佈景主題是否應該遵循瀏覽器回報的佈景主題選擇。此選項也在全域預設值啟用時可用。若使用者未設定偏好設定則會遵循全域預設值。您可以在此找到個人選項\n\n```\n設定 > 個人 > 外觀與無障礙存取 > Breeze Dark\n```\n\n### 自訂樣式\n\n在管理設定的佈景主題區塊下您可以將自己的自訂樣式新增至佈景主題中。僅能使用標準 CSS。只要啟用佈景主題就會套用此自訂樣式且僅會影響 Breeze Dark 佈景主題。",
"A Dark theme based on Breeze Dark by the KDE project. Please refresh the page for changes to take effect." : "以 KDE 專案製作的 Breeze Dark 為基礎的深色佈景主題。請重新整理頁面以讓變更生效。",
"This setting enforces the usage of this theme for all users. Please note, this prevents users from disabling it or choosing a different theme." : "此設定強制所有使用者使用此佈景主題。請注意,這會阻止使用者停用此佈景主題或選擇其他佈景主題。",
"Enforce Breeze Dark theme use globally" : "強制全域使用 Breeze Dark 佈景主題",
"This setting enables the automated activation by the clients' system settings by default, for unauthenticated users and users who have not set a preference." : "預設情況下,此設定會為任何未經身份驗證的使用者與未設定偏好的使用者啟用客戶端系統設定自動啟用。",
"Enable Breeze Dark theme automated activation by the clients' system settings by default" : "預設情況下透過客戶端系統設定啟用 Breeze Dark 自動啟用",
"This setting enables use of the theme for the login page. This only takes effect on the login page itself if the theme is globally enforced, or during login for a user who has the theme enabled." : "此設定啟用登入頁面的佈景主題。若佈景主題是全域強制的,或是在啟用佈景主題的使用者登入期間,這僅對登入頁面本身生效。",
"Enable Breeze Dark theme for the login page" : "為登入頁面啟用 Breeze Dark 佈景主題",
"Custom Styling" : "自訂樣式",
"Insert custom styling here …" : "在此處插入自訂樣式……",
"Save" : "儲存",
"A Breeze Dark theme for Nextcloud." : "供 Nextcloud 使用的 Breeze Dark 佈景主題。",
"Breeze Dark theme" : "Breeze Dark 佈景主題",
"Enable Breeze Dark theme" : "啟用 Breeze Dark 佈景主題",
"Enable Breeze Dark automated activation by clients system settings" : "透過客戶端系統設定啟用 Breeze Dark 自動啟用"
},"pluralForm" :"nplurals=1; plural=0;"