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"name": "Baserow",
"description": "Open source online no-code database and Airtable alternative. More information about persistent files on S3, scaling and installing a custom domain can be found on https://baserow.io/docs/guides/installation/install-on-heroku. Note that it might take a couple of minutes to deploy the app, so please be patient.",
"repository": "https://gitlab.com/baserow/baserow",
"keywords": ["baserow", "no-code", "database", "airtable"],
"logo": "https://baserow.io/img/favicon_192.png",
"success_url": "/",
"addons": [
"formation": {
"web": {
"quantity": 1,
"size": "basic"
"stack": "container",
"env": {
"description": "A unique string that is used to generate secrets.",
"generator": "secret"
"description": "A unique string that is used to sign jwt tokens.",
"generator": "secret"
"description": "The public URL of your Heroku Baserow app. Don't forget to replace YOUR_APP_NAME with the name of your app.",
"value": "https://YOUR_APP_NAME.herokuapp.com",
"required": true
"description": "The amount of workers per dyno. This value must be `1` if you want to run the free plan.",
"value": "1",
"required": true