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Our Heroku image builds directly from our all-in-one image in Dockerhub. If you want to customize your Baserow Heroku install we recommend you make a Baserow plugin using the boilerplate guide in our docs. Then to install it change heroku.Dockerfile and add the install_plugin command as described in the plugins introduction doc.

In order to test your changes, you need to have the Heroku command line installed on your local machine. Next, you can use the Heroku command line to create an app, manually install the addons and labs listed in the app.json file at the root of this repo. In the example below we assume you are at the root of the Baserow repo and we are going install a heroku app named baserow-test-app, this can of course be named differently.

heroku apps:create baserow-test-app --region eu --team baserow
heroku stack:set -a baserow-test-app container

# We need to add all the addons listed in the app.json file.
heroku addons:create -a baserow-test-app heroku-postgresql:mini
heroku addons:create -a baserow-test-app heroku-redis:mini
heroku addons:create -a baserow-test-app mailgun:starter

# We need to add all the labs listed in the app.json file.
heroku labs:enable -a baserow-test-app runtime-dyno-metadata

# Finally we need to set all the environment variables listed in the app.json file.
heroku config:set -a baserow-test-app SECRET_KEY=REPLACE_WITH_SECRET_VALUE
heroku config:set -a baserow-test-app BASEROW_JWT_SIGNING_KEY=REPLACE_WITH_JWT_SIGNING_VALUE
heroku config:set -a baserow-test-app BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL=https://baserow-test-app.herokuapp.com
heroku config:set -a baserow-test-app BASEROW_AMOUNT_OF_WORKERS=1

Now that we have replicated the setup of the app.json, we can deploy the application by pushing to the heroku remote repository.

git remote add heroku https://git.heroku.com/baserow-test-app.git
git push heroku YOUR_CURRENT_BRANCH:master