Matrix plugin for Alerta
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Matrix Plugin

Send Matrix messages for new alerts.


Clone the GitHub repo and run:

$ python install

Or, to install remotely from GitHub run:

$ pip install git+

Note: If Alerta is installed in a python virtual environment then plugins need to be installed into the same environment for Alerta to dynamically discover them.


Add matrix to the list of enabled PLUGINS in alertad.conf server configuration file and set plugin-specific variables either in the server configuration file or as environment variables.

PLUGINS = ['matrix']
MATRIX_HOMESERVER = ''    # default="not set"
MATRIX_ROOM = ''          # default="not set"
MATRIX_ACCESS_TOKEN = ''  # default="not set"
MATRIX_MESSAGE_TYPE = ''  # default="notice" | can be "notice" or "text"

The DASHBOARD_URL setting should be configured to link matrix messages to the Alerta console:

DASHBOARD_URL = ''  # default="not set"


PLUGINS = ['reject','matrix']
MATRIX_ACCESS_TOKEN = '4yHuHptP2crTWvLdzUzvhPmoArz6mLTqN9DnpvY5mFDLEW8yxWEJLU8kg6nLUdDcxHS6SwXNrchKM2pmscgoAue2XxUfCrhWBtGtP7QtECTtQiE6h4HuSGu6Vj8F9Zdge'



Copyright (c) 2021 Magnus Walbeck. Available under the MIT License.