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## Baserow is an open source no-code database tool and Airtable alternative.
Create your own online database without technical experience. Our user-friendly no-code
tool gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser.
* A spreadsheet database hybrid combining ease of use and powerful data organization.
* Easily self-hosted with no storage restrictions or sign-up on to
get started immediately.
* Alternative to Airtable.
* Open-core with all non-premium and non-enterprise features under
the [MIT License]( allowing commercial and
private use.
* Headless and API first.
* Uses popular frameworks and tools like [Django](,
[Vue.js]( and [PostgreSQL](
[![Deploy to Heroku](](
docker run -v baserow_data:/baserow/data -p 80:80 -p 443:443 baserow/baserow:1.21.2
![Baserow screenshot](docs/assets/screenshot.png "Baserow screenshot")
## Get Involved
**We're hiring remotely**! More information at
Join our forum on See
[](./ on how to become a contributor.
## Installation
* [**Docker**](docs/installation/
* [**Ubuntu**](docs/installation/
* [**Docker Compose** ](docs/installation/
* [**Heroku**: Easily install and scale up Baserow on Heroku.](docs/installation/
* [**Render**: Easily install and scale up Baserow on Render.](docs/installation/
* [**Cloudron**: Install and update Baserow on your own Cloudron server.](docs/installation/
* [**Elestio**: Fully managed by Elestio.](
## Official documentation
The official documentation can be found on the website at
or [here](./docs/ inside the repository. The API docs can be found here at or if you are looking for the OpenAPI schema here
## Become a sponsor
If you would like to get new features faster, then you might want to consider becoming a
sponsor. By becoming a sponsor we can spend more time on Baserow which means faster
[Become a GitHub Sponsor](
## Development environment
If you want to contribute to Baserow you can setup a development environment like so:
$ git clone
$ cd baserow
$ ./ --build
The Baserow development environment is now running.
Visit [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) in your browser to see a working
version in development mode with hot code reloading and other dev features enabled.
More detailed instructions and more information about the development environment can be
at [](./docs/development/
## Plugin development
Because of the modular architecture of Baserow it is possible to create plugins. Make
your own fields, views, applications, pages or endpoints. We also have a plugin
boilerplate to get you started right away. More information can be found in the
[plugin introduction](./docs/plugins/ and in the
[plugin boilerplate docs](./docs/plugins/
## Meta
Created by Baserow B.V. -
Distributes under the MIT license. See `LICENSE` for more information.
Version: 1.21.2
The official repository can be found at
The changelog can be found [here](./
Become a GitHub Sponsor [here](