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Vagrant Baserow Ubuntu Install Test

This folder contains a vagrant file and which together will start up a local Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine with Baserow installed and working. To do this it extracts the bash from the guide and runs it in a fresh new VM.

WARNING: Using this vagrant setup is currently intended only for local testing and development.

How to run

  1. Install virtualbox -
  2. Install vagrant -
  3. cd tests/vagrant_ubuntu_install
  4. Install required vagrant plugins:
    1. vagrant plugin install landrush
      1. Used to setup a local dns server so you can visit Baserow using a domain
    2. vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
      1. So we can mount in your local baserow repo and use that to install Baserow
    3. vagrant vbguest
  5. On Ubuntu I had to follow the instructions in
    1. Also see for more landrush dns tips.
  6. Change the branch found at the end of line 6 in the Vagrantfile to be the branch you want to test.
  7. vagrant up
    1. You might need to interactively enter your password for the landrush dns plugin to successfully add local dns entries on your host for Baserow running inside the vm.
  8. Wait a long time for everything to be provisioned
  9. Once done visit http://baserow.vagrant.test on your host machine to see the Baserow running inside the vm.
  10. Run vagrant ssh to ssh into the VM and make changes, inspect the logs, restart services etc.